Look. Not a lot of information has been going on in the real world of the professional football world, but it definitely has been busy behind the scenes.

College Football? Spring Practices.
NFL? The Draft, Pending Litigation and Waiting For Free Agency.

So what now? Not a lot else.

We will continue to add in new stories and ideas, but until then it's just going to be about keeping up with the players, teams, and overall information until the season begins.

Right now we have seen some teams gathering for voluntary workouts and camps. We also saw a lot of draft picks step up into the spotlight, and they need to be getting ready as well. PLUS, whether or not you realize it, there is only about 3 and a half months until the NFL and NCAA seasons are underway.

Stay tuned, feel free to submit ideas, and we will try to get you some info if you have any questions! 
Clearly things have been pretty slow on this site. We apologize for that and will continue to provide updates as we move forward. The news itself is all currently about either the CBA/Lockout or it's about the NFL Draft which is upcoming.

We have some things planned for both sides, and we just can't wait to start getting new info up. Stay tuned for more updates! 
With the NFL season winding down .... (only 1 game will be played between now and .. August), there is definitely a lot of news to prepare for. However, don't forget that while the season for many players is just winding down, for the GM and his scouts, it's just heating up.

Over the coming weeks we will make significant updates to our mock drafts and try to point you in the right directions for prospects ... but don't forget that it's not all one practice or test. These guys have been putting together a resume for years (some as many as 5+ seasons) .. so don't put too much stock into a single number, statistic, or 40 time. 

Keep coming back, and keep telling us what you want to see. If you would like? Continue to tweet us and we will respond to you ASAP! 
Had the chance to watch the Year of the Quarterback: Tim Tebow special last night. It was phenomenal. Tim Tebow may not ever be an MVP, win a Super Bowl, or even be a starting quarterback in the NFL for more than another couple of games. That doesn't matter. He has already gone down as the (debatable) best college football player of all time, ever. Heisman trophy winner, 2 time national champion, finished in the top few slots 3 years in a row for the Heisman, Multiple time All-SEC and All American quarterback, holds the record for the highest passer efficiency in SEC history, broke Herschel Walker's record for rushing td's in a career, first player ever to rush for and pass for 20 touchdowns in a season ... and that's just his on the field actions. 

His off the field actions included visiting hospitals, prisons, and third world countries to make a difference in the lives of others. He has made a stand for his religion and beliefs as well as his political (if you can call it that) stance. Most college athletes (including Andrew Luck) are busy spending their college time trying to hang out with friends, stay eligible, and play video games. Coaches HOPE that they don't get a call about arrests, drugs, dui's or even just kicked out of school. Tim saves or changes people's lives, depending on how you look at it, yet he still was a full time student AND athlete in addition to his personal achievements of changing the world. 

The story itself I won't ruin (in case you haven't seen it), as it really is one of the most interesting stories I have ever seen. The guy who will go down as one of the best ... EVER ... still had the world to prove. That's what happens when you are an NFL coach or GM, and you know that if you fail on a first round pick ... it could mean your job. Yet, the struggles that the 'average' college athlete preparing for the NFL draft go through are already amazing, but to see how the guy known simply as Superman by many is able to meet the adversity head on is just completely an amazing tale. 

Please, please, make sure that you watch that story. It's only an hour long yet it gives an inside look as to what it means to be an athlete ... and to be Tim Tebow. 
News just came out and multiple reports are saying that Andrew Luck will return to Stanford for one more year. This is a very interesting decision as Jake Locker had the same options last year, and by returning to Washington for his senior season he lost millions of dollars. It is only interesting as even though Andrew can get a lot better in terms of mechanics, experience, and strength ... he cannot improve his chances of being the number one overall pick. He might even hurt them. Would love to know your thoughts on the issue. 
After listening to the allegations that came out against THE Ohio State University, one must think that this is a laughable and head scratching matter … until they realize that it is entirely serious. Without going into the specific allegations at hands … the players received improper benefits and it is 100% terrible to think that any college football player who is a student first and an athlete second should accept anything above what they had agreed to. These players are representatives of the university, the fans, the alumni, and the entire community. How dare a single one of them go out and tarnish the name of everything that they represent by … pawning off some of their own stuff in order to pay for some tattoos?

If a player in the NFL can make a league minimum $300,000.00 (if not more depending on the year and their time playing in the league), why is it ok that players in the NCAA do not receive any sort of benefit? Why is it that they have the whistles blown on them every time that a stupid incident like this happens? Did it occur to anyone that these kids are just trying to live their lives and yet because they have a gift where they can play a game better than anyone else they are subjected to such scrutiny? 

The reason I am upset is the system that the NCAA has set up. If a player is on scholarship, they aren’t allowed to have a job. That may be for a good reason, but the truth is none of these current players did anything to violate that rule, they aren’t even allowed to work because this is their job. If a player such as Sam Bradford can be getting ready to sign the richest rookie contract in NFL history this past spring, how is it that his value is suddenly increased by not only millions of dollars, but by any dollars. These players, such as the ones from Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, and a few others, will play each and every Saturday in a stadium with OVER 110,000 people in the stands and countless others watching on TV. College football is a hundred million if not billion dollar machine which has effects on the economy, sells jerseys, pays millions in salaries, equipment, advertising rights in stadiums and on TV, etc. The revenue is everywhere. Yet these players don’t see a penny. 
You could argue that the players are paid what their value is in a scholarship. Alright, do you really think that a player is only worth $30,000 a year in tuition? What if he is the Heisman trophy winner? What if he is the best player in the land and leads his school to a BCS bowl game that pays out millions of dollars JUST FOR GOING? That doesn’t even take into effect the fact that it technically costs the school as little as 20% of the actual sticker price on the scholarship to pay for a kid to go to school there (it costs nothing to add their paperwork to the pile and give them another seat in the classrooms, it only takes the spot of another student). In fact, some schools have raised their tuition just to help pay costs of scholarships. 
The point is not that these boys were perfect (obviously). It isn’t even that they are entirely poor and have the world’s worst sob story. The point is that these kids have no way of making money, yet still want to sell their own hard earned stuff to try and pay for a tattoo or two. If a kid in the glee club or on the debate team wanted to sell their medals (if anyone actually wanted to buy them) they wouldn’t have a problem doing so. This isn’t about kids getting into trouble and breaking the law. This is another story about how the NCAA and the BCS want to capture each and every penny that they can without letting the “worker bees” who are the players, get to collect the fair share for their own services. To paraphrase Mike Gundy, “Who’s the kid here?” <a href="http://footballtailgate.weebly.com">Tell Us What You Think</a>
After the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs beat the Wisconsin Badgers in the 2010 – 2011 Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, the biggest question that should be left in most people’s eyes is how? This wasn’t a shootout even though it needs to be pointed out that many thought that Wisconsin would not only blow the horned frogs out of the water, they would also drop 60 to 80 points on TCU. However, that was not the case on New Year’s Day as many saw firsthand.

For whatever reason, the individuals and audiences who watch NCAA FBS Division 1 college football have come to know that there is a fine line between the BCS conferences and the non major conferences. What it basically means is that you can have a bad year or a less than stellar season and still be rewarded to go to a bowl game. It’s basically like a get out of jail free card in case your team loses a few games as it will still let you go to a major bowl game as long as you win your conference. The point is, too many people seem to think that because you are or are not a team in a major conference, that it should determine if you are or are not good enough to beat any other team. As if we still don’t have situations like Appalachian State upsetting the Michigan Wolverines in the Big House or James Madison beating the Virginia Tech Hokies (who were STILL good enough to win the ACC by the way)… The point is that people take the conference prestige for too much today without taking a look at the team.

One small point to argue against the whole situation is that the University of Connecticut, a team that has only compete at the division 1 level in football for a decade now, won the Big East conference in football and therefore earned an automatic berth to a BCS Bowl Game; great. Now the fans have to watch UConn get beat up by Oklahoma even if the Sooners show up as “Choklahoma.” The reason? Because (to put it bluntly) some of the teams in the NCAA today are just way too talented to lose to a team that doesn’t have enough talent to compete. Yes, there are teams out there that can upset someone, and it happens multiple times every week. You need to prepare in order to win the game. However, for every upset that occurs there are also about 5 to 10 games (if not more) that go exactly the way that they are supposed to go. So the point is, people seem to think that just because a school from the Big East loses to a school from the Big 12, that the whole Big East isn’t as good as the Big 12. They also will believe that a team in the Big East is part of a BCS automatic qualifying conference, that they would easily beat one of the non conference schools. This type of thinking is childish and naïve.

Overall, teams in the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10, ACC, and Big East are pretty solid. That’s why they earned the BCS automatic qualifying status for their conferences. They showed for a period of time that they met the criteria and that they were good enough to earn that “get out of jail free card” status. In some sense, it actually helps to prevent a conference from being too tough. Imagine if a conference theoretically could produce the top 4 or 5 teams in a single season. Wouldn’t it be logical to assume that none of those teams would be able to go undefeated? So how would it be fair to hold out the most talented teams for having to play other talented teams? In that sense, it completely makes sense for the BCS system to allow them a major bowl game if they win their conference, be it the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, or BCS National Championship.

However, after watching the teams like Boise State and TCU prove their shot as the so called “BCS Busters” over the past few season, I don’t think it’s fair to claim that any of them are anything more than they are; great football teams. Everyone talked all year long that Boise or TCU wouldn’t make it through the SEC’s schedule undefeated … right ... neither can a Tim Tebow-less Florida or a Cam Newton-less Auburn. In fact, LSU won the national title with what 2 losses a few seasons ago. Don’t make the argument something that it’s not. No one is saying TCU or Boise is the best team in the history of college football, or that they could play with the toughest teams week in and week out and dominate the scoreboard by blowing each team out by 25+ points per week. The argument is whether by 100 points of by 1, at the end of the day who got the victory? This year… Boise State definitely helped the argument, but TCU showed up big and proved to the world that they are at LEAST the second best team in the nation this year if not better. Let them play anyone, they could (and would) win most of them. Got something you disagree about? Let us know. 
As you can imagine .... this may not be the best time for the holidays to occur ...

With playoffs in the NFL coming, Bowl Season heating up as we come to a close, and a lot of other work that we already have DONE to fill in on the website... keep on the eye for updates. 

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The Best Quarterbacks win the most games for teams ... off the top of our heads ... here's how a few of us see the CURRENT starting QB's for their teams. It is based on WINS, Performance, and being the BEST CURRENT player on the field. 

1. Tom Brady
2. Matt Ryan
3. Michael Vick
4. Aaron Rodgers
5. Joe Flacco
6. Peyton Manning
7.Drew Brees
8.Matt Schaub
9.Ben Roethlisberger
10. Philip Rivers
11. Matt Cassel
12. Sam Bradford
13. Mark Sanchez
14. Eli Manning
15. Josh Freeman
16. Jay Culter

17. Carson Palmer
18. Colt McCoy
19. David Garrard
20. Jon Kitna
21. Jason Campbell
22. Ryan Fitzpatrick
23. Chad Henne
24. Rex Grossman
25. Drew Stanton
26. Tim Tebow
27. Kerry Collins
28. John Skelton
29. Alex Smith
30. Jimmy Clausen
31. Joe Webb
32. Charlie Whitehurst
While it is a lot better to see the NFL on a Tuesday night, this is a horrible decision all over. Could it be that the league is only out to allow Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre another two days to heal? Maybe. Could it be that Ed Rendell (governer of PA) is an idiot? Possibly. Could it be that the NFL wants the turf to be clear so that Mike Vick and DeSean Jackson can show off their wheels? Why not? Could it be that the people deserve to see their team without unreasonable risk to their life? Sure.

Why I am upset is that how can you screw up the Eagles week 16 AND week 17 chances? People deal with weather each and every day. Why would they now need to be sheltered? This is just another example of "higher ups" trying to decide what is best for people. Guess what. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize it's cold outside. If people don't want to go through that, then they won't. You know who would show up? The FANS. You know who wouldn't? People that don't want to go. It's really that simple.