Brett Favre - The Football Tailgate
Just a quick tidbit because I feel like I owe it to him. Brett has always been someone who I enjoyed, but never really had a love or hate relationship with. It was agonizing to see his meltdown with the Jets (and more or less get Eric Mangini fired ... who had Favre "forced" on him by the way) ... but even his drama with the Vikings didn't bother me. Until this year.

Last year you could even say he milked the whole camp thing, but this year he didn't even act like he wanted to be there. Was it the reason for the Vikings' demise? Maybe not ... but I seem to believe so. Those extra reps in camp (or any ... considering he barely showed up) would have meant Brett was just a few more completions on per game, a few more looks that he could recognize, or even some intangibles and / or pointers that he could bring to the team from a leadership point of view. 

The whole thing was blown up when Childress allowed his stars to (more or less) go crawling on their hands and knees to Brett to come back, That is organization mis-management 101. If Childress was in charge for real... he could have been hated but he also could have found a way to move on. Trade for McNabb, go with Sage before he traded him .. or anoint Tarvaris the starter. Whatever you do ... just do something. Instead he waited around and played #2 to Brett's number one. 

I disliked Brett for obvious reasons (as stated above) for the past year and couldn't deal with him dominating the headlines week to week. BUT. All that aside, I give the guy at least a few points in my book when he took the field as banged up as he was He had nothin to lose. No real incentive to be out there and yet he still sacrificed himself and his health. His team is banged up.. lost a few linemen, Adrian Peterson wasn't playing .. but because there was really no other option he manned up and literally took one for the team. It didn't count for the streak, it didn't mean much for the fame, and he had no chance of going to the post season ... but, when I counted him out, Brett Favre showed just a glimpse of why people have loved him for so long... he is just a kid at heart who doesn't care about anything else than taking the field and playing the game of football. 

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