While it is a lot better to see the NFL on a Tuesday night, this is a horrible decision all over. Could it be that the league is only out to allow Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre another two days to heal? Maybe. Could it be that Ed Rendell (governer of PA) is an idiot? Possibly. Could it be that the NFL wants the turf to be clear so that Mike Vick and DeSean Jackson can show off their wheels? Why not? Could it be that the people deserve to see their team without unreasonable risk to their life? Sure.

Why I am upset is that how can you screw up the Eagles week 16 AND week 17 chances? People deal with weather each and every day. Why would they now need to be sheltered? This is just another example of "higher ups" trying to decide what is best for people. Guess what. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize it's cold outside. If people don't want to go through that, then they won't. You know who would show up? The FANS. You know who wouldn't? People that don't want to go. It's really that simple. 

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