Because the QB's are the most important parts of the game, let me touch on a few quick numbers. Usually the blogs will be longer and more frequent, but there is still a lot to do in order to bring this website to the respectable level! As always .. coments are great!

1. If sports are so boring right now that one of the hottest topics is whether or not Mike Vick can own a dog .... I really hope Bowl Season gets here quickly and we have some great games ... (less than 24 hours now til Game #1 ... check it out in our NCAA Football section!)

2. For more proof on the QB being the essential part of a football team ... the Cleveland Browns are a mediocre team. Not a lot of talent, but a lot of hard work. They have been bitten by the injury bug especially at the QB position and here's a quick overview. Read into it as deep as you want. Through 13 games this season:

Jake Delhomme = 4.5 Games
93 of 149 for 62% completion and 872 yards. Also has 2 TD's passing 0 Rushing and 7 Int's with 1 Fumble as well. Add that to 7 Sacks. 

Seneca Wallace + Colt McCoy = Remaining 8.5 (Neither are amazing at this point in their respective careers ... but both have mobility). 
Seneca: 63 of 100 or 63% for 693 yards and 4 Passing TDs 0 Rushing TDs 2 Ints 1 Fumble and 6 Sacks
Colt:    81 of 127 or 64% for 975 yards and 3 Passing TDs 1 Rushing TDs 3 Ints 0 Fumbles and 15 Sacks (14 from the Jets, Jaguars, and Pittsburgh ... who all have good pass rushing units). 

Overview of a Game:
Delhomme's: 194 Passing yards per game, 0.44 TD's(pass) 0 Rush TD's, and 1.56 Int's with 0.44 Fumbles and 1.55 Sacks. 
He did this against Tampa Bay, Atlanta (1/2 game), Carolina, Miami and Buffalo...

Other 2: 196 Passing per game, 0.82 TD's (pass), 0.12 Rush TD's, and 0.59 Int's with 0.44 Fumbles and 2.47 Sacks.
They did this against New Orleans, New England, Pittsburgh, New York Jets, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Jacksonville, and half a game against Atlanta

Long story short Delhomme had the enitre offseason to get ready and played weaker competition, but has the same passing ability as Wallace or McCoy. Meanwhile, a mobile journeyman and a rookie late 3rd round pick have shown flashes of potential while all of their opponents are post season competitors except Cincinnati. They managed the same average yards per game, more TD's, less Int's, and while they averaged about 1 sack more per game (against tougher pass rushers), they also didn't have nearly the turnover ratio as Jake averaged almost a full turnover more PER GAME as the other two. 

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