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Just saw a link to a national affiliate that Greg Olson (The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator) officially got word from the NFL head offices that a call was made which was wrong in their game this past week. Now, most fans probably argue at least one or two big calls per week aren't called, but it's not always that a call can affect a game. 

Here's what I DON'T understand. The other coaches on the staff (including Raheem Morris, Head Coach for those of you who don't know), were commenting that they already think Greg Olson (their own guy!) will be fined for his comments. Apparently the league will tell you when they were wrong, but don't want you to tell others about it! So my question and thought for the morning is how many times does an average team get word from the league that they were swindled out of a game (and perhaps out of a win with post-season securing status, such as today!) ... because it doesn't seem like they are even allowed to justify their loss to the public! 

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