Conference Championship Games

NFC: Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears (CORRECT)

Sticking with Green Bay here as in 18 games they have lost 6. 2 by  field goal, 2 more by a field goal in overtime, and 2 more by 4 points (Aaron Rodgers didn't finish one game, and didn't play in the other against New England). Chicago is a solid team, but the Pack have the edge. 

AFC: New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers (CORRECT)

While they did just survive a defensive dogfight against the Ravens (and they also had a week off to rest, which is important for the oldest team in the league), the Steelers will use the home field advantage to pull out another tough one. The Jets have all of the momentum that they could ask for, but after knocking off the Patriots, you have to wonder if they will be mentally ready for this game. Pittsburgh takes this in a close one.