NFL Playoff Brackets

With as many NCAA Basketball brackets as there are out there, why not make the NFL playoffs into a little bit of a competition? 

We are now in the process of posting our newest contest, and all entries must be in by the kickoff of the FIRST game. 

The winners will be posted onto this website, and we will have an active leader board to show you the Football Tailgate's NFL Playoff Bracket Challenge leaders. We will also crown a champion who will win for the year. We might also put the worst bracket(s) up online, so that you can see who wins the last place trophy. 

Here's the deal... the Seedings are listed in the diagram below .. and you only have to look at the diagram and use the submittal form below by entering the winners of the games 1 through 11 (11 being the Superbowl). 

DONT FORGET that the 1st seed will play the LOWER winner of the wild card round in the Divisional Round. So if you look below, Atlanta would play Green Bay if the Packers won, otherwise they would play the winner of the other matchup and the Eagles would go on to Play Chicago. Likewise, New England Plays the New York Jets if they win, otherwise they would play the winner of Kansas City and Baltimore if the Colts won. 

The Scoring Will Be As Follows:
1 Point for each Wild Card Round Correct Winner
3 Points for each Divisional Round Correct Winner
5 Points for each Conference Champion
7 Points for the correct Super Bowl Champion

As always ... any questions? Just email us!

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