The Football Tailgate

Because the plays on the field are only part of the entire game... 

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Anything anywhere had to start someplace. This is the beginning of our website, though not the beginning of our group. A half a dozen friends that have been together since high school and college, we make sure that we talk football whenever we can; before kickoff, during the off-season, leading up to the draft ... just never during the games. 

The number 1 reason for this is to get the latest info as well as a great place for us to compete head to head in some fun contests that we do (brackets, eliminators, pick 'ems) so we will try to incorporate some of those into the site as well! We hope you take a look around and come back to visit as we actually get this website up and going. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas .. (or even if you want to tell us how much you hate us) ... shoot us an email!