FBTG Predictions

Starting week 15 of the 2010 season, we have put our predictions online and will continue to leave them up. Rub our faces in it, or congratulate us... either way these are our picks.

PLAYOFFS: (7-3) 

Wild Card Weekend (2-2)


Baltimore Ravens over Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers over Philadelphia Eagles


Indianapolis Colts over New York Jets
New Orleans Saints over Seattle Seahawks

ON THE YEAR (Regular Season since week 15): (30-22)

Week 17 (11-5)

Saw It Coming

Baltimore over Cincinnati
Pittsburgh over Cleveland
New York Jets over Buffalo
Atlanta over Carolina
New England over Miami
Detroit over Minnesota
San Diego over Denver
Green Bay over Chicago
Indianapolis over Tennessee
San Francisco over Arizona
New York Giants over Washington

Never Guessed It .. We Were Wrong

Kansas City over Oakland
New Orleans over Tampa Bay
Philadelphia over Dallas
Jacksonville over Houston
St. Louis over Seattle

Week 16 (7-9)

Got 'Em

Steelers over Panthers
Kansas City over Tennessee
New England over Buffalo
Baltimore over Cleveland
Indianapolis over Oakland
Green Bary over New York Giants
Tampa Bay over Seattle

No Dice

Dallas over Arizona
Jacksonville over Washington
Miami over Detroit
San Francisco over St. Louis
NY Jets over Chicago
Denver over Houston
 San Diego over Cincinnati
Atlanta over New Orleans
Philadelphia over Minnesota

Week 15 (10-6)


San Diego over San Francisco
Dallas over Washington
Indianapolis over Jacksonville
Baltimore over New Orleans
Philadelphia over New York Giants
Atlanta over Seattle
New York Jets over Pittsburgh
Oakland over Denver
New England over Green Bay
Chicago over Minnesota


 Cleveland over Cincinnati
Houston over Tennessee
St. Louis over Kansas City
Miami over Buffalo
Tampa Bay over Detroit
Arizona over Carolina