Picks Of The Week - Playoffs Edition
Wild Card Round (2-2)

New York Jets (No. 6) @ Indianapolis Colts (No. 3) (WRONG)

Saturday, January 8th - 8:00 PM
An up and coming Jets team will expose some of the flaws of the Colts, but Peyton Manning at home is still a better quarterback than the Jets are a defense.
Winner: Colts

New Orleans Saints (No. 5) @ Seattle Seahawks (No. 4) (WRONG)

Saturday, January 8th - 4:30 PM
Any team is dangerous right now as they are all undefeated in the playoffs as of this week. Pete Carroll and the 12th man at Qwest just aren't enough for the Saints.
Winner: Saints

Baltimore Ravens (No. 5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (No. 4) (CORRECT)

Sunday, January 9th - 1:00 PM
The Baltimore Ravens were about 1 play in half a dozen games from being the Number 2 seed overall. The chiefs do have speed, but they are also inexperienced.
Winner: Ravens

Green Bay Packers (No. 6) @ Philadelphia Eagles (No. 3) (CORRECT)

Sunday, January 9th - 4:30 PM
The Packers have 6 losses; 4 were by exactly 1 field goal (2 of those 4 in OT), and the two that Rodgers didn't play the whole game, they lost by exactly 4 per game. 
Winner: Packers