Thursday Night Game

Carolina at Pittsburgh (8:20 PM)
This one is simple enough... Pittsburgh is trying to clinch the division, Carolina is trying to clinch the number one overall. 
Winner: Pittsburgh

Saturday Night Game

Dallas at Arizona (7:30 PM)
Another simple game. Jason Garrett has the Cowboys playing well, and Arizona isn't exactly favored (they just lost to Carolina!)...
Winner: Dallas

Sunday 1:00 PM Eastern Games

Washington at Jacksonville
Jacksonville is looking to get a post season spot. I don't know that they get it in the strong AFC, but they are a more complete team at this point then Washington is. 
Winner: Jacksonville 

Detroit at Miami
Detroit is on their 3rd string quarterback now? But Miami can't seem to win at home...This is an ugly game with nothing but pride on the line.
Winner: Miami 

San Francisco at St. Louis
Another ugly game, two under-performing teams without a lot of talent go up against each other... San Francisco has more talent, but can't seem to play as a team.
Winner: San Francisco (or flip a coin)

Tennessee at Kansas City
I have been underselling Tennessee for a few weeks, but I don't trust a team with Kerry Collins as the starter ... Kansas City has a healthy Quarterback this week.
Winner: Kansas City

New York Jets at Chicago
The Bears are the worst of the top tier teams... 6 of 10 wins were only by one score or less. 8 of the 10 were against an opponent whose record was .500 or less..
Winner New York Jets

New England at Buffalo
This game has potential to be a sleeper only because it's a tough division rivalry, and it's late in the season. New England might be the best team, Buffalo is bottom 5.
Winner: New England

Baltimore at Cleveland
Cleveland has lost 4 of their starting 11 on defense to the Injured Reserve with another 2 banged up... and they didn't have a lot of talent to begin the season with.
Winner: Baltimore

Sunday Afternoon Games (4:00 and 4:15)

Indianapolis at Oakland
Indy keeps their playoff hopes alive. Oakland is a much better team and will compete for the division next year with a good off season. But the Colts are still great now.
Winner: Indianapolis

Houston at Denver
Denver is still trying to get Tim Tebow's feet wet. They couldn't win when Orton was the starter, however. Unless Houston has quit, this is a blowout.
Winner: Houston

San Diego at Cincinnati
The Chargers are on the way down but Cincinnati has too many problems to win consistently (or to care for this game ..) they're already looking to the off season.
Winner: San Diego

New York Giants at Green Bay
The best early game of the week, the Packers have home field advantage and will pull out a win in a close one to try and make the playoffs. 
Winner: Green Bay

Seattle at Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay surprised everyone by losing to the injury depleted lions, but the Seahawks are a home team and Tampa Bay has too much talent to lose again.
Winner: Tampa Bay

Sunday Night - 8:20 PM ET

Minnesota at Philadelphia
The Vikings just don't have what it takes to compete right now. Their biggest question marks are no head coach and no quarterback. The Eagles take care of business and should start getting ready for the post season ... it's hard to believe the Vikings will be looking to grab a quarterback possibly in the top 10 within 2 weeks, and Mike Vick is the starting quarterback for the  playoff bound Eagles

Winner: Philadelphia

Monday Night - 8:30 PM ET

New Orleans at Atlanta
The Saints are a very good football team that played sloppy early in the year. They won 6 straight against mediocre opponents before falling narrowly to the Baltimore Ravens last week. This game could decide if they go to the post season or not, so while they will be ready, so will the Falcons. Matt Ryan has only lost 1 game at home ... and this will be the best game of the week. 

Winner: Falcons