All games played on Sunday this week!

1:00 PM (Early) Games

Carolina at Atlanta 
The game is AT Atlanta, the Falcons are lights out at home, Carolina doesn't have the talent.
Winner: Atlanta

Pittsburgh at Cleveland
Will be closer than most think, but a Cleveland offense that has been averaging less than 12 points a game for the last 4 weeks needs to address the WR and Offensive Coordinator position in the offseason.
Winner: Pittsburgh

Minnesota at Detroit
Detroit continues the rise of success, and while there is nothing left to play for on either team, pride at home wins this one for the Lions.
Winner: Detroit

Oakland at Kansas City
The Chiefs look to gain some momentum and show off their speed as they prepare for the playoffs. Oakland could win, but they let the division slip through their hands.
Winner: Kansas City

Miami at New England
This game isn't in Miami so they could win, but it will come down to whether or not the pats put their foot on the gas. It's a division game so they should take it seriously.
Winner: New England

Tampa Bay at New Orleans
Very interesting game... Tampa Bay will be doing anything to try to squeeze into the playoffs, but New Orleans wants some home momentum as well...
Winner: New Orleans

Buffalo at New York Jets
The Jets finish at home and want to get some playoff momentum. The Bills will look towards the off season to take another stab at it next year. 
Winner: New York Jets

Cincinnati at Baltimore
Baltimore takes care of business on a Bengals team with question marks all around
Winner: Baltimore

4:15 PM (Late) Games

Jacksonville at Houston
Jacksonville wins this and hopes that Tennessee can do them a favor as well
Winner: Jacksonville

New York Giants at Washington
New York is fighting for their playoff lives, and get a pretty lousy opponent in the process
Winner: New York Giants

Dallas at Philadelphia
Philly is just playing for the best seed possible now, but Dallas can't make as big of a jump in a few weeks as Jason Garrett would have hoped. 
Winner: Philadelphia

Arizona at San Francisco
San Francisco isn't a BAD team, they just have bad quarterback play. Arizona might be the worst team in the league at this point.
Winner: San Francisco

Chicago at Green Bay
Chicago deserves more credit, but Green Bay is one of the most underrated teams in the entire league. If they make it into the playoffs, they will be dangerous.
Winner: Green Bay

Tennessee at Indianapolis
Indianapolis has had a bad year, but they are at home and they are trying to win the division ... again.
Winner: Indianapolis

San Diego at Denver
Tim Tebow will be better than most give him credit for, but San Diego is still that mean older brother. The Chargers have more talent and can prove it. 
Winner: San Diego

Sunday Night Football

St. Louis at Seattle
Who would have thought that this is what the NFC West would come down to and this would be the last game of the season. Welcome to the center stage NFC West, I just hope that the winner has a .500 record.
Winner: St. Louis