Football Tailgate Contest Winners:

The following individuals have won one of the contests for us. If you win, you can send in a photo of yourself and be put into the Football Tailgate hall of fame for all to see! It's a great thing to show off, and a great way to attract the ladies! 

Super Bowl Playoffs Challenge Winner:

Joe from Pittsburgh, PA

Joe is a great guy with a great selection of snacks as you can see here. He definitely needed them as this first edition of our Super Bowl playoffs contest was only decided by a couple points. The maximum point total for this game was actually 33 points (as always), but Joe beat out the all of the competition to score a high of 10 points for our online version of this game.

Joe is the official record holder for the FBTG SB Playoffs Challenge and will retain the title until next year's contest occurs.

Congrats Joe!  

BCS Predictions 10-11 Winner: 

Ashlie from Ohio

Ashlie (represented by this amazing photo here) ended up going 4 of 5 in the major BCS games. This was a very tight contest this year as second place was only 7 points (of out 500 total) behind her, but she managed to pull it off. Only 50 points separated the top 5 contestants, and the national championship game put this one away for her. 

Congrats Ashlie!

In our inaugural (online) BCS contest, Ashlie set the record high of 311 points.