NFL Mock Draft - Pre Week 17

Because of the nature of the NFL changing EVERY week, we won't know for sure what teams will be picking where. We also won't know all of the needs because before we get to the draft, we hit the situations of retirement, franchise tags, trades, and free agency. BUT, it wouldn't be fun to only have one mock draft 3 days before it actually occurs, so we will start putting these up week to week, and then after the major events when the off season comes (combine, pro-days, first week of free agency, etc.)

During the regular season, we will only write up the draft for one round and based upon the current standings of the teams as well as the current and most glaring needs. 

Check back often, because when the draft gets closer we WILL have a mock draft contest with prizes for the winners! 

1. Carolina Panthers

Andrew Luck

New coach (most likely) means new quarterback. Can you pass on the next  Manning or Brady to take a chance on the Jimmy Clausen train?

3. Cincinnati Bengals

A.J. Green

Cincinnati could bring back either T.O. or Ochocinco (or even both), but Carson palmer is on his last legs. If he returns, he gets an impact receiver who helps him open up things underneath for the speed on the team.

5. Detroit Lions

Prince Amukamara

The Lions could very well take a wide receiver here to help Matt Stafford continue to grow. They could also go DL and continue to become a force on the front 7. This makes the most sense against a pass happy NFC North.

7. Cleveland Browns

Marcell Dareus

The Browns need a true #1 wideout, but Tom Heckert found playmakers such as Jackson and Maclin later in the draft when he was in Philly. Dareus steps in from day one and plugs a big gap on the defensive front.

9. San Francisco 49ers

Cam Newton

New Regimes mean new quarterbacks, and with the athleticism of Gore, Ginn, Crabtree and Davis ... this could be a scary offense if Cam is up to the task.

11. Tennessee Titans

Brandon Harris

A truly athletic player, Tennessee could use some help on the defensive line or at the wideout position, but Harris is a tremendous athlete and will have a solid future playing against the likes of Manning and Schaub.

13. Seattle Seahawks

Derek Sherrod

Pete Carrol had mixed success in his first season and also got the team a lot younger as well. He may want to go for a quarterback here, but the offensive line needs help the whole way across and any quarterback needs to remain upright.

15. Oakland Raiders

Nate Solder

He might not last this long as he will continue to rise up draft boards in the coming months. Cable has put playmakers on the field in a short time but 4 of the 5 current starters on the offensive line are 28 or older. This will help the offense move forward and help the raiders continue to move up.

17. St. Louis Rams

Justin Blackmon

One of the top Wide Receivers in this class and quickly rising, if he has a solid combine he will be a mid to late 1st round pick. If you think Sam Bradford looks good now, give him a legitimate play-making receiver despite what Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson have done this year.

19. San Diego Chargers

Jonathon Baldwin

You really think Philip Rivers wants to throw the ball to a short receiver? The Chargers really should upgrade the OLine here, but will most likely choose to grab a talented wideout. You could see the difference in their play this year between games when they had Vincent Jackson and games that they didn't. 

21. New York Giants

Akeem Ayers

The Giants need help at Safety and need more athleticism on their defensive 11 to try and get back to the playoffs next year as they defend against the likes of DeSean Jackson and Dez Bryant.

23. Green Bay Packers

Ryan Williams

Some consider Williams a second or even third round pick, but he is a solid player both physically and fundamentally. The Packers have a solid back in Ryan Grant, but would love a secondary piece for their backfield.  

25. Kansas City Chiefs

Bruce Carter

The Chiefs saw an amazing uptick in their offensive play, but will need a powerful and athletic linebacking core to help them continue to be the "Patriots of the West." If you haven't seen film on Bruce Carter ... watch some now. 

27. Baltimore Ravens

Janoris Jenkins

Yes Baltimore has been injured in the secondary, but at the same time you can never have too many quality cornerbacks. Jenkins could be the next Joe Haden as he is the most athletic player coming out of the same school in the SEC which is full of talent.

29. Pittsburgh Steelers

Demarcus Love

Pittsburgh had a solid pick in Pouncey as they realize they must retool their aging lines. Love might not be a "sexy" pick but he is a beast in the trenches and can bully even the most dominant pass rushers around

31. Atlanta Falcons

Jimmy Smith

At this point it comes down to talent as well as needs. Smith is a bright spot of a porous Colorado team. Jimmy Smith adds not only talent to a pass-happy NFC South, he adds athleticism while (hopefully) becoming a shutdown corner back.

2. Denver Broncos

Nick Fairley

Fairley is quickly rising up draft boards, he may not be the next Ndamukong Suh, but he is a ferocious player and Denver won't be drafting a quarterback in the first round.

4. Buffalo Bills

Patrick Peterson

While Buffalo has other needs on the trenches, they get (possibly) the most athletic player in the NFL draft to match up against the likes of Brandon Marshall, Wes Welker, and Santonio Holmes. O-line can be had in the second round.

6. Dallas Cowboys

Robert Quinn

Whoever the new coach is, they have talent all over the team. The biggest need might be OLine, but none merit a top 10 pick (at least yet). Another solid playmaker is added to the cowboys here, but #6 might still be too high for Quinn.

8. Arizona Cardinals

Von Miller

His name has been circling around college football fans for what seems like years. He's truly an athletic beast and an overall solid player. Might be the most "complete" backer, and he can upgrade a defense by himself. 

10. Houston Texans

Da'Quan Bowers

One of the top defensive linemen available, he is a steal at #10 and will help the Texans defense take enormous steps in the right direction as Mario Williams and Bowers wreak havoc on the likes of Manning, Garrard, and Young.  

12. Washington Redskins

Ryan Mallet

Mallet might not be the smartest quarterback at this point in his career, but he has the arm and strength. Mike Shannahan last drafted a quarterback with the same profile of arm strength ...Jay Cutler.

14. Minnesota Vikings

Jake Locker

The all but concensus number one pick overall from last year (had he come out) has received nothing but criticism. It will be well worth it as he has Harvin, Rice, Camarillo, Shiancoe, Peterson, and Gerhardt to help him put up the numbers for the Vikings. 

16. Miami Dolphins

Mark Ingram

While new coaches (if Sparano is fired as some rumors state) may want to bring in a new QB if they don't like the current progress of Chad Henne ... Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are both Free Agents and Mark Ingram may be on of the only first round backs in this draft.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars

Marvin Austin

The Jaguars continue to go against conventional wisdom. They are truly an average team with average talent and average effort. A playmaker like Marvin Austin can truly help them to build their defense, as in the AFC South you can't afford let have a weak front 7. 

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ryan Kerrigan

Simply put: a playmaker with a high motor and intelligence. Imagine Gerald McCoy, Brian Price, and Ryan Kerrigan putting pressure and wreaking havoc on the offensive lines? TB has other issues and needs, but this would be a solid pick.

22. Indianapolis Colts

Anthony Costanzo

The Colts don't need a flashy pick when they can turn undrafted rookies and division 3 products into potential pro-bowlers. They DO need to continue to upgrade their offensive line to keep Peyton Manning upright.

24. New York Jets

Adrian Clayborn

Clayborn may have a few questionable actions in his past which makes him a perfect fit for the jets. Rex Ryan improves his vaunting defense by adding a pure power to the trenches. Clayborn can cause nightmares for offensive linemen.

26. Philadelphia Eagles

Mike Pouncey

His brother Maurkice helped raise his stock, he can play center as well as any of the guard spots quite naturally. The Eagles should have Vick behind center next year, but even if they don't they need to upgrade their offensive line to keep quarterbacks upright. 

28. Chicago Bears

Stefen Wisniewski

It is amazing that the Bears have been as successful as they are when they looked horrible in the first weeks of the season. They have talent but they need to find a way to protect Jay Cutler and buy him some time. If they can't, then he will continue to hit the ground, take sacks, and make bad decisions of throwing to the other colored jerseys. 

30. New Orleans Saints

Stephen Paea

An absolute force, this will be just one more piece to the puzzle for the Saint's defense. Like the Colts, Drew Brees can make almost any receivers look amazing, but this is one more way to shut down the run and pressure the pass from the front lines. 

32. New England

DeMarco Murray

Murray could be injury prone, and Bill Belichik could always trade this pick down for future picks. Having the 33rd pick gives New England Options as well, but they need a solid running back as Danny Woodhead is not a franchise starter.