Jim (photo circa early 2000's)

The Mock Expert
Jim has a financial services background and tends to approach ideas in a new way. If we have an idea on the site that is somewhat ... "out there" ... chances are it's from Jimmy. 

Jim uses his reasoning as well and loves to do our mock drafts (soon to be coming), and while it's way too early to be accurate during the season, he tries to do one every week. It's fun to see who rises and falls throughout the course of the season. 


The Techie and Enthusiast
The guy who cares as much as the rest of the group, but somehow gets stuck as being the one to do all of the computer work. As if it's somehow his responsibility to solve everyone else's problems while ALSO trying to enjoy the games and come up with picks and stories himself. 

Probably the best looking of the group, Kev realized his future could be in anything he wanted, but decided it was better to settle in with a nice job in the development field. This website should not be judged on his abilities, because the disclaimer is any of the bad work was probably done by the other friends in the group. 


The Adventurer and Match-ups Guy
Marc is the "wild" one of the bunch. He's the guy that everyone wishes they could have been for only a week. When he told the small businesses that he was working for closed down, he took the severance, packed up his office, and drove out to Denver the next day just to 'get away.' 

The kind of guy who has no limits (or at least tries to find and then break them), he also drove out to California (we all live in the North East) for spring break all by himself. When his car broke down, he still made it back with a new set of wheels, but insists to this day that he didn't pay a penny for his new ride... 


Paul McLovin - Contrarian Extraordinaire
We chose this photo against Paul's wishes... it isn't a bad shot but everyone says he looked like "McLovin" from the movie "Superbad."

Paul is not a bitter or angry individual by nature, but he does seem to be the one that is always crushing hopes and dreams. Leave it to Paul to be the one who brings up your horrible Vegas pick, what the new players' previous stats were with his old team, or basically anything that you might have overlooked. 

He's a great friend, but while he would be the first to bail you out of a jam, he's also the first to make fun of you because of it ... and email your mom the details. 


The Super-fan
Phil is the guy who we aren't even sure why he's in the group ... (one of those friends) ... 
He will probably be one of the main contributing writers just because ... let's just say he REALLY likes football.

Rather than pursue a long and healthy career, Phil has spent a great deal of his time over analyzing, over thinking, and even over-arguing about trivial facts, points, rules, and stats in the football world.

One of the main reasons why we put this website up is so that Phil had a means of ranting and raving on the hot topics ... without all of us having to listen to him. 


The Old Timer
Calvin is the owner of the bar where we always happen to meet up for lunch, drinks, or even if a good game is on the satellite dish. 

He's told us before he's old enough to retire, but running the bar doesn't count as work especially because he has half a dozen TVs on at any given time with a different type of sports news on. He doesn't want to use the site for publicity (and he's afraid we'll get him in trouble), but with as much info as he spews at us ... some of his ideas will make it onto the website from time to time.  

Calvin is a typical bartender, he's loud, loves his beer, loves his football, and loves his friends. If you've met him in person ... you won't forget him. 

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