A quick way to make a "power rankings?" 

Simple ... take the point differential of every team and divide it by the number of games the team has played to figure out the average margin of victory (or defeat). 

It's not the most interesting or innovative way to rank teams, but it should give you an idea of how many games they will win. 

After week 14 by using the differential per game, the top ten teams are as follows:
1. New England
2. San Diego
3. Green Bay
4. Atlanta
5. Pittsburgh
6. New Orleans
7. Philadelphia
8. New York Giants
9. Baltimore Ravens
10. Chicago Bears

Officially, New England, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Chicago have all clinched the post season... and 4 of the others (Ravens, Giants, Eagles, and New Orleans) should all make it as well ... the other two, San Diego and Green Bay, wouldn't be bad teams to watch either. 

Side note ... bottom five teams in this differential?
1. Carolina
2. Denver
3. Arizona
4. Seattle
5. Cincinnatti

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