Without stating my entire thoughts and views on the rest of the world, I will start with two quick points.

1. Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to you. I hope you are enjoying your break, but obviously it can’t be that good if you are here reading this during Christmas Eve.

2. Boise State may not be the best team in the land. There could be a .0001% chance that they are (whereas Auburn and Oregon are each closer to the 50% mark each), but that’s not what I am arguing. What I am out to say is that Boise State is at least worthy of a BCS bowl. They probably have the rights to one over any other school not named Oregon, Auburn and Stanford (whose only loss is to the eventual National Champion or runner up). I will not be so bold as to say that they could stomp on Ohio State, roll over Wisconsin, throw down 40 points on Arkansas, or even beat TCU (though they have 2 years in a row… but I realize that’s beside the point). What I am arguing is that Boise State is ranked in the top 10 of the BCS, and if nothing else they deserve a shot to be in a BCS Bowl by merit alone.

Without turning this into a huge new discussion, let’s keep this down to a few simple points. Earlier in the year, the President of the Ohio State University claimed that they did not in fact play schools like, “The little sisters of the poor.” However, multiple sources then came out and showed that by scheduling teams like Marshall, Youngstown State, and Eastern Michigan, they were in fact playing the same level of competition as TCU and Boise State. Furthermore, it shows that because a school is UNABLE to change their conference and likewise cannot change their conference schedule from year to year, the only deciding factor that they have to improve their appearance to the rest of the world is against non-conference opponents.

Boise State has played a few major teams recently. They beat Oregon at home (last year), beat a fairly good Virginia Tech team (that didn’t lose to another FBS Division 1 team), and was a field goal away from being undefeated for a few years in a row. Ohio State is a solid team and could probably beat Boise State as well. But to state that Boise doesn’t deserve a BCS bowl based upon the body of their work is ridiculous. Overall, they cannot control their conference but took care of business albeit against inferior opponents. They played multiple ranked teams and even when they played poorly could still win by a few touchdowns. They did everything that they were asked to do, and have been told to “wait” for years at a time. This is the worst injustice this specific year, because like them or hate them, you can’t tell me that even if Boise isn’t as good as Oregon, Stanford, Auburn, Arkansas, Wisconsin, TCU, Ohio State, Oklahoma … you cannot tell me that they aren’t as good as Connecticut.

The Big East has some solid football teams, but has had a poor year (and possibly a poor last few years). You can argue all you want that Boise State couldn’t have survived the entire year in a more difficult schedule of playing the Big East opponents, but I will also say that you can’t tell me that wouldn’t at LEAST have gone 8-4 and had a chance to win it in their first year alone!

In closing, Boise State could probably get stomped by Oklahoma, but UConn will ultimately end with the same chances and fate that Boise would have had. Remember, the argument isn’t that Boise is the best team in the land, the argument is that they should be considered a top 10 team (which they are ranked) and get the chance to play in ANY game that they earn, regardless of what the rest of their conference has accomplished (or failed to). 

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