With the NFL season winding down .... (only 1 game will be played between now and .. August), there is definitely a lot of news to prepare for. However, don't forget that while the season for many players is just winding down, for the GM and his scouts, it's just heating up.

Over the coming weeks we will make significant updates to our mock drafts and try to point you in the right directions for prospects ... but don't forget that it's not all one practice or test. These guys have been putting together a resume for years (some as many as 5+ seasons) .. so don't put too much stock into a single number, statistic, or 40 time. 

Keep coming back, and keep telling us what you want to see. If you would like? Continue to tweet us and we will respond to you ASAP! 
9/27/2012 15:30:50

Great info, thanks


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