Thank you Roger Goodell - The Football Tailgate
For as many complaints as the commish seems to have gotten recently on fines, helmet to helmet hits, roughing the passer calls, and every other item that a fan could complain about, Commissioner Goodell has gotten the scheduling issue correct. 

I remember the old days of way back in 2009 when fans who paid money for tickets and merchandise (or just wanted to see a good game when their team was eliminated from the playoffs...) looked forward to teams like the Colts and the Saints at the end of the year. The problem was, those teams had clinched anything that they could have accomplished by week 13 or 14, and therefor had backups in by the 2nd drive. 

Aside from the fact that many teams are tight in the playoff race and no one is pulling away from the pack, the games are going to be great. This week alone, 8 of the 16 total games (50% for my mouth breathing readers) will be division games. Not only do these games count with playoff implications, but they are also for pride. Even a team with 3 or 4 times the amount of losses as wins will have a reason to be fired up and give the fans something to cheer about. 

The best thing is that no matter what team you root for, the last few weeks of the regular season will give you something to hope and cheer for. 

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