Year of the Quarterback: Tim Tebow - The Football Tailgate
Had the chance to watch the Year of the Quarterback: Tim Tebow special last night. It was phenomenal. Tim Tebow may not ever be an MVP, win a Super Bowl, or even be a starting quarterback in the NFL for more than another couple of games. That doesn't matter. He has already gone down as the (debatable) best college football player of all time, ever. Heisman trophy winner, 2 time national champion, finished in the top few slots 3 years in a row for the Heisman, Multiple time All-SEC and All American quarterback, holds the record for the highest passer efficiency in SEC history, broke Herschel Walker's record for rushing td's in a career, first player ever to rush for and pass for 20 touchdowns in a season ... and that's just his on the field actions. 

His off the field actions included visiting hospitals, prisons, and third world countries to make a difference in the lives of others. He has made a stand for his religion and beliefs as well as his political (if you can call it that) stance. Most college athletes (including Andrew Luck) are busy spending their college time trying to hang out with friends, stay eligible, and play video games. Coaches HOPE that they don't get a call about arrests, drugs, dui's or even just kicked out of school. Tim saves or changes people's lives, depending on how you look at it, yet he still was a full time student AND athlete in addition to his personal achievements of changing the world. 

The story itself I won't ruin (in case you haven't seen it), as it really is one of the most interesting stories I have ever seen. The guy who will go down as one of the best ... EVER ... still had the world to prove. That's what happens when you are an NFL coach or GM, and you know that if you fail on a first round pick ... it could mean your job. Yet, the struggles that the 'average' college athlete preparing for the NFL draft go through are already amazing, but to see how the guy known simply as Superman by many is able to meet the adversity head on is just completely an amazing tale. 

Please, please, make sure that you watch that story. It's only an hour long yet it gives an inside look as to what it means to be an athlete ... and to be Tim Tebow. 
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